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US Radio Listener729
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is this Live Radio?
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it is online radio station. Any question,please email US-RadioUS-Radio.com
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How can I get my music on this radio station
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WMPG is a community radio station broadcasting from Portland, Maine. WMPG is located on Bedford Street at the University of Southern Maine Portland Campus. WMPG is affiliated with the college, and a mix of USM students and volunteers from the greater Portland community produce all the music and local public affairs programs. WMPG broadcasts 4.5 kilowatts on 90.9 (licensed to Gorham, where the main campus of USM is located) and can be heard as far north as Augusta, Maine and west into New Hampshire. WMPG broadcasts streaming online 24/7 and the programming guide and contact info is available at their website along with many archived programs.

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96 Falmouth StreetPortland, ME 04104-9300USA

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