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Halshack Indie Rockcast is a your favorite north carolina based Internet and online radio station. Tune in and free online listen to 24/7 live streaming on Halshack Indie Rockcast.

The show is growing strong across the world on the podcast feed from Iheart to Itunes to Amazon Music to Podomatic and many more! The show has reached 500 cities in 100 countries! All new episodes are on the podcast feed and will be featured here on the station as well! I fired up this station on Zeno back in late 2020 but multiple complications kept the channel from growing! I’ve updated the bio as well as all current shows!

The current format will have a multiple genre rotation of shows with theme days and weekends or constant rotation of the last 3 years worth of shows! The shows may rotate forward or backward. We will have marathon events or indie themed days or rock shows only or country or rap/ hip-hop and many other type mixes of all the great more current episodes of the Halshack!

There are thousands of songs on rotation in this assortment of episodes uploaded to showcase the shows growth over the last 3 years! You may hear the episode changing to something you don’t like. Give it a song or two and it will roll onto something else. TRUST ME!! Each segment changes every 20 minutes. Each episode is built by ME (Hal) to keep the show continuity and my special signature flow I’m becoming world renown for! Again big THANK YOU to all my fans and bands for making this possible!

I’ve been building my own personal relationships with “A-list” indie bands across the world for the last 10 years!!! This is a UNIQUE mix of 450 artists roughly over the last 10 years the show has been “up” and Ive done it all for FREE!! This has been an amazing grassroots effort from alot of professionals in the industry to springboard us forward! Ive earned partners who are ex major label reps who jumped on with me to help grow our own universe! Some of the artists are very mainstream and others lean to the indie side of things! Its up to you to find your happy music place!

Reverbnation owner Lou Plaia contacted me personally to run official radio submission campaigns for his company back in Nov 2020. First campaign started in Jan 2021 and had the first show for the company in Mar 2021! We went from 120 artists I had spent 7 years hand curating to now 450 almost 3 years later representing 15 countries! Every single artist has been curated and chosen by my ears only either because they had a viable hit for one show or they have a library that never ends that sees continual play across multiple years of my history. Songs are chosen based on the theme of the show and their rotation in the schedule. I try not to overplay tunes so some of the really BIG hits on my show don’t get annoying or overbearing to the listener!

I’ve been lucky enough to earn projects produced by or backed credits or collab songs from major stars lending their efforts to these indie bands. Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, Belinda Carlisle, Eminem, Cavo, Lil Zane, Nic Collins (son of Phil Collins) and many more!! I’m very honored!!

Hope you jump on the Halshack bandwagon! Were bringing a successful festival to North Carolina with (my personal team and local business owners) that will not be cancelled like the Wampus Cat, the HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST is coming August 2024 with CAVO as a headliner!!

You can find every tracklist at my website under shacklists! Each show has its own list and there are displayed in order of release! The quickest way to get there search google “halshack shacklists”.

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Lexington, NC
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