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it is online radio station. Any question,please email
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How can I get my music on this radio station
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Thank you for the love!
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US Radio Listener4370
Nice radio sation
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hello its great radio.. Mix A Mix Fm
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KS - FAYFAU (Forget About You Forget About Us)
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I love this station ok

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Del Barrio Radio “¡Truly Sin Censura, y La que Rifa!” is a non-commercial, non-profit Online Radio Station.We, Del Barrio Radio, Do Not Own Song(s) or Image(s), they belong to its Respective Owners.

Please support Artist(s) by purchasing their album(s), CD(s), or Songs (mp3). ALL OR SONGS ARE FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! All users who are minors in the jurisdiction in which they reside (usually under the age of 18) must have the permission of their parents, and be supervised directly by,parents or guardians to listen to Del Barrio Radio, if you are a minor, you must Have your parents or guardians read and acceptor agree before your Listen to Del Barrio Radio.

All The content is For Entertainment, Information and Fun Purposes Only! The views and opinions expressed here at Del Barrio Radio are those of the hosts, guests and callers, and are not necessarily those of this station, its management, and/or other Hosts or advertisers.

The shows found Here at Del Barrio Radio can talk about any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation or other personal practice and controversial topics. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to side with any topic positions that may appear. For broadcasts that may include legal matters: Del Barrio Radio is no expert on any matter and any statement should not be taken literally or interpreted as any form of advice.

Del Barrio Radio has the intent to reach the Hispanic/Latino communities and produce quality programs to overcome barriers such as language, discrimination, poverty, and literacy.

We plan to empower this community while also being inclusive to all communities to fully and positively engage in a multi ethnic society.Listen at your own discretion; profane language that is not appealing to some, may be used during our broadcasts. Also, any calls to the station are subject to be recorded and may be used and/or broadcasted at a later date; this also applies to any content that is sent to Del Barrio Radio whether it be via Text messages, photos and/or videos.

We are not responsible for the behavior of any businesses that are advertised on Del Barrio Radio. It is up to the listener to decide whether or not they should contact their services. Del Barrio Radio, however will do the best to promote businesses that are beneficial for the community.

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