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Contigo Radio US is a your favorite florida based Internet and online radio station. Tune in and free online listen to 24/7 live streaming on Contigo Radio US.

Our main focus is to support all MOTHERS AND WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS, Dads are also welcome to this beautiful community that is already more than 5 years old.

Under the premise UNITED WE ARE STRONGER is that we want to bring the message of union, support and brotherhood to the Latino-Hispanic community in the United States.

Wednesdays are for entrepreneurship and the transmission of the program is done from some place that can be a restaurant, cafe, shop, etc. and in this way invite the community to Network and talk about the Product or Service through a 10-minute interview on the program.

Our goal is to grow little by little, with firm steps to provide the best content and the best information, creating alliances.

I support new musical talents, giving them that opportunity that they are looking for so much and that, as in every beginning is difficult due to lack of resources, at Contigo Radio we support you because we believe in you!

Before saying goodbye.

  • 1.- Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • 2.- Sow good seed, take good care of it so that tomorrow that tree will bear fruit.
  • 3.- Do not forget that THANK YOU is the memory of the heart.
  • 4.- Out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks.
  • 5.- Believe and trust yourself, you are capable of achieving it.
  • 6.- Today is a good day to work hard for your dreams.
  • 7.- Love yourself, Love yourself, Respect yourself, Value yourself.
  • 8.- Being GOOD is fashionable.
  • 9.- Do well without looking at who.
  • 10.- United we are stronger!

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+1 954 493 2414

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308 SW 192ND AVE Pembroke Pines Fl 33029
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